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Will your Resume "Stink up the Joint"

Six Easy Tips To Keep Your Resume On Top

Town to town, up and down the dial.  It's a fact of life for everyone in the business of Radio and Television.  But will your resume get you the better job and fatter check?  Or does it just plain stink?

Well it may not stink, but does it stand out?  Does it make it from the stack of 100, into the stack of 10 that actually get reviewed in detail?  Remember, the HR manager is going through the applicants fast!  "No, no, no, no, yes, no, no, no, yes..." and then passing the qualified candidates on to the hiring manager.  You need to be the one that gets the "yes" in less than :10 seconds.  And trust me, I've faced a stack of resumes 8 inches thick as a hiring manager in TV.  The faster I could say no, the better!  And we're only talking about the resume, let alone your demo reel.

Here are six Do's and Don'ts for the beginner as well as the seasoned professional.  They'll help get you past the initial review and in the short stack for actual consideration:

1) Do write a short cover letter.  Highlighting your best points of course, but more importantly give them back their job criteria from the want ad.

2) Don't be creative with your resume.  Managers are expecting information in a format easily read.

3) Do provide a career objective.  I suggest it should be whatever the job title is they are looking for.

4) Don't forget to give a summary of qualifications.  This is that :10 second thing.  Here is another opportunity to highlight you, but also give them back their job criteria from the ad.  Be sure to use "-ing" words, like Managing, Fostering or Developing.

5) Don't list your education first.  This screams no experience, hitting the circular file lickety split!

6) Finally, do seek out the help of a professional, experienced in career coaching and resume development.  The money you spend now will come back 100 fold later.

In my next installment, 10 tips for a kick ass demo reel!

Bob F. Dowd is a 20 year veteren of television, marketing and advertising.  
He offers career advice and career coaching nationwide.

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