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Aaron Solomon Makes the Correct Decision.

I waited to post anything until I knew something.  Not that I know everything, but I know enough.

It's a sad fact that loyalty is non-existent in the TV Biz.  And now that the entire industry (local television) is in serious peril of extinction, management and corporate are really looking for a hit of crack to keep the high going.  But if the rumors surrounding Aaron Solomon's departure are true, then there may be hope for personal integrity in the  newsroom.

The best male/female team in local news since Dan and Demetria are no more.  But how did this happen?  "We're taking the morning news in a different direction..."  I'll bet that's just what the new GM at WSMV told Aaron.  But an offer to work a crappy shift at reduced pay is not an offer at all.  Plus, back to way!   

So Aaron took the high road and said no thank you.


Now, what I'm hoping is that WSMV broke the contract and now must pay Aaron out.  Fight the Power Aaron.  Tell those know nothings at Meredith to pull their head out... 


I'm not the only one pissed off about this.  Nashville is buzzing with viewers, now former viewers, jumping ship.  The Titanic is going down.  Sadly, what was once a destination market and station for broadcast professionals is now just another stop up and down the dial.

A word of warning to all who seek a career in show business.  Loyalty is a thing of the past, you work for you and no one else.  Keep you GTFO tape ready and your Resume up-to-date.


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