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Manipulating the GRE Exam

Gang, there is no way to beat ETS.
But you can work the system!  
While the GRE Exam is total Bull Shit, and indicates nothing about your ability to survive graduate school.  It is yet another hoop you must jump through to be a member of the club.  Find here a way to manipulate the ETS system, giving yourself the best possible chance at the highest reportable scores...

First... Do all the studying and preparation that every other blogger, prep guider and hocker of services tells you to do.

ScoreSelect Selection Box
Second... And this is key.  


This is why... 
With ScoreSelect you can choose the Latest Exam, Every Exam, or Any Exam to send. 

So here is how it works...  If your great at Verbal Reasoning take that section only.  DO NOT answer any questions on the Quantitative Reasoning section.  This will be reported as a NS, or No Score for the Quantitative reasoning section.  Not a '0' like everyone else is saying, but a NS.  An NS cannot be quantified or averaged.  If you score well, your done. (find the ETS policy here)  

"Anything in the 50th percentile is considered good, but the 75th percentile is obviously better."

"Check your school's admissions policies to see what you need..."  

Then take the test again and do the same thing for the Quantitative Reasoning.  DO NOT answer any of the Verbal Reasoning questions.  Again, the result for this exam will be NS, or No Score on the Verbal Section.  If you do well, your done. 

If not...


Do the same thing for the Analytical Writing, or combine this section with the Verbal Reasoning if your the next Shakespeare...  I suggest if you have come this far you might as well have three separate exam scores, or more if you need to raise one score.

Now, here is the beauty of the manipulation... With ScoreSelect (using the Any Exam option), you can choose to send the highest scores from three different exams and the recipients cannot see any of your low scores.  They can't average... They can't discriminate...  They can't do anything but take three scores from three different exams, and you get to choose the scores, not ETS and not the recipients.

There is a down side...  Let's say you did great on the Verbal Reasoning section and scored a 172 on the first try.  But, you needed to take the Quantitative Reasoning section three time to get a score of 163  (dumb-ass).  And, you took the Analytical Writing section twice, to get a 4.5.

1 + 3 + 2 = 6
Oh, if the Quant was just this easy!

This means you pay $160.00, six times.  
For a total of $960.00, Ouch!
Plus $25.00 for each school to which you send a report.  

But hey, if you could buy a Masters or a PhD, you would.  
And isn't that what your doing in the end anyway?